What is OPES Insight?

The word Opes is derived from the Latin and a reference to its meaning is Resource, Abundance and Wealth. In the context of the work and mission of Opes Insight, this forms the fundamental platform for the unique processes that have been formed and are used
by Sara as a catalyst for change for all.

We all came into this world in a natural state of purity, completeness and wholeness.
We came in R.A.W.

As we grow and mature we experience life on many different levels, some good
experiences, some not so good. As part of processing these experiences we can form
distorted perceptions, become confused about life and who we are, as well as developing limiting belief systems about ourselves and others which can hinder our ability in being
able to experience happiness, peace and fulfilment in our lives.

The OPES Insight Mission
Vision with Insight – Leading the Way
to New Horizons

The mission of Opes Insight is primarily to facilitate positive change and breakthrough for our clients, assisting them in breaking free from distorted perceptions and the spiralling vicious cycle of negative
thinking, emotions and consequently outcomes and re-frame and re-program their minds in order
to live a Purpose driven life with Clarity, Vision and Focus.

Through teaching and imparting to our clients tools and principles that work as well as encouraging and exposing their “inner wisdom” so that they are empowered to take the “driver’s seat” of their lives, to explore new horizons, believe in themselves and create the life of their dreams.

Our work is simply to Educate, Illuminate (shine the light on that which perhaps has not been considered), Inspire and Empower those within our sphere of influence to be all they can be in this life and to take 100% responsibility as the authors of their own life books.