Everyone in life will come across people who in life appear to work so hard and battle health issues and never progress, or so it would seem. Sara showed me that I was wrong and had actually achieved a lot, now create the wealth from the achievement.

I, James, had been working for approximately 40 years battled serious health issues, and was just struggling to gain focus and see the way clear in life – to many had been people were putting enormous demands on me and I would never say no, just carry the load.

Sara, is a very special person who could see the load I was carrying and stepped in to redirect me, reposition my brain and thinking with her NLP programming to start and re-think my life, get focus and positive from another angle, and move forward in stages, this has enabled me to take some time for me and enjoy life and let others do some struggling for a while. I got to deal with crap that one takes for granted and push it out.

You have become a special friend in my heart Sara, and will never be forgotten, Thank you!!!!

-J Gardiner, Perth WA


A leader is a visionary, owning a business or being at management level means you are constantly having to think about the next step, the next phase, the bigger picture. But what happens when all of a sudden you feel like you have lost vision, lost focus, lost passion. This lack in many instances is the catalyst to the “death” of a vision – a vision that was in essence great but without you continuing to drive it can no longer survive, let alone grow.

Losing your focus and vision can cost you big time. Years of investing and growing that seed only for it to die due to a temporary lack of nutrition and water

Personal Business Coaching and Group Workshops are taking the benefits of coaching beyond the executive boardroom, and extending them to managers in every branch of an organization for powerful, lasting results. After all, “wherever you go, there you are”.

People emerge from one-on-one coaching sessions as more focused, more motivated, more efficient, and more productive. Meanwhile, companies can improve retention, align personal goals with organizational objectives, and inspire everyone to use their unique strengths to the utmost.

Personal/Business coaching assists executives to balance their professional and personal life, manage their time, develop new passion for their career AND their personal life, increase confidence both professionally and personally and move forward, stepping out of their comfort zone.

Making an investment in your team in facilitating personal/business coaching for them can definitely make a difference to your business. Executives can use coaching as an aid to develop themselves to produce better results, sharpen communication and leadership skills, time management etc.

Changes in attitude and vision leads to growth both in career and personal life.


To make any type of change it requires commitment. Commitment by YOU and your team members and commitment by your coach.

1 hour sessions weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on your schedule
The coaching can be via phone/Skype or face to face
(face to face being the preference)


Prior to your initial consultation you will complete a form which details what you are wanting to achieve from your sessions. The work that is done within the sessions will be tailored to your specific requirements. Sara will apply a variety of different methodologies such as NLP, hypnosis, release techniques, quantum collapse techniques.

Additionally we can work with management teams in a workshop setting in relation to creating synergy within the differences of the group and creating positive company culture to maximise and optimise your business outcomes.


Our E.P.R. © (Evaluate, Process, Remediate) system to facilitate change will be applied to you and your business whether individually or in a team environment.

  • Your Personal and Professional projection – authenticity – wherever you go there you are.
  • Managing time, productivity
  • Confidence in career and personal life
  • Resurrecting passion in career/current work environment and personal life
  • Balancing career, relationship and time for self
  • Authenticity and effective communication
  • Strategic visioning for business and personal fulfilment
  • Developing Leadership qualities
  • Learn to Synergise and Harmonise Within Teams
  • Managing Teams to increase productivity
  • Managing change in business
  • Identifying team strengths and learning to delegate and simplify problems
  • Reviewing your systems of operation and streamlining for efficiency and optimisation of resources.

Valuing differences in others drives synergy. Synergy means “two heads are better than one” and that by combining our differences we derive “completion” and harmony. Just like in melodies you can pull different instruments with different sounds together simultaneously to create something that is much more pleasing than just the one instrument. Thus the power of the workshop environment and working together for a outcome higher than our individual selves.