I owe a lot to Sara! The money I pay her is by no means anywhere near the value of life and living she has gifted me. She has helped me in many ways but particularly in the way I dealt with my marriage break-up. I believe she has helped me transform into not only a better partner, father, son and friend but a person who loves and respects the greater universe and all that is in it.

Ever since my initial visit my whole life now runs with purpose and direction. She helped me find my centre through visualisation and that alone has made significant transformations in my actions and thought processes.

I find it hard to accurately describe her intuitive style of life coaching but there is no doubt it is effective and one that has to be experienced for oneself. I endorse her services.

If you feel you need to make personal transformations then Sara is the person you need to see.

-Mauri Ora! J Schuster, Perth WA

Life Transformation Coach Sara Dann

Sara’s journey within the School of Life has been expansive. She has a passion for seeing people’s lives transformed and healed and has great empathy for those who have undertaken suffering as part of their journey.

With over 15 years experience dealing with people in relation to their development as individuals with a purpose she is dedicated and relentless in assisting her clients with their growth paths and achieving all that they can in this lifetime and as part of this overcoming obstacles that in the past have held them back.

Additionally Sara is a businesswoman who owns her own HR resourcing company servicing high level technical and executive requirements within the resource sector. Previously, for 10 years she was a Director of an engineering and crane hire company.

She is also a mother of two grown up, wonderful young men. Given her background she is able to relate to a variety of individuals either at a high-end business level or at the more personal levels. She has also conducted her own women’s motivational conferences and has spoken to various groups around the metropolitan area including Esther Elizabeth House. Additionally, for a 3 year period she co-ordinated and formulated programs for visits to ex-communist camps in St Petersburg Russia working with orphan children.

Her method of operation stems from a holistic perspective, with highly developed intuitive capability as well as the use of various tools to make your transition easier, such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnosis, release techniques, and quantum collapse techniques. She is a strong advocate of individuals taking 100% responsibility and understands and teaches the elements of universal principles as a crucial element of her work.