Life is a journey and at certain times of our lives we all need a little help.    The pressures of life, juggling commitments with our careers and personal lives as well as trying to make sense of our past experiences can leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed and consequently affect our happiness and quality of life.

We only get one life and the name of the game is to make it as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Seeking out the help of a life coach to help you get your life on track is a very positive step and requires the conscious decision that it’s time to make some changes and adjustments to the way you live.

Life coaching assists different people in many different ways, in letting go of the past and taking what once caused pain and using it to create a fulfilling, purpose driven life, it assists in developing the right areas of consciousness so you can gain clear vision, purpose and self belief. It assists in developing confidence in the uniqueness of who you are which effectively has the power to change relationships both personally and professionally.

It takes extreme heat and pressure to bring a diamond to the surface.  The Treasure is within You – allow the Process and Evolve to the Purpose that you were intended for.  (Sara Dann (McDonald) 2013).


To make any type of change it requires commitment.  Commitment by YOU and commitment by your coach.

Coaching with Sara is flexible however does require contact time as well as post session “homework”.

1 hour sessions weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on your schedule The coaching can be via phone/Skype or face to face (face to face being the preference)

Prior to your initial consultation you will complete a form which details what you are wanting to achieve from your sessions.   The work that is done within the sessions will be tailored to your specific requirements.    Sara will apply a variety of different methodologies such as NLP, hypnosis, release techniques, quantum collapse techniques.

Within this process a level of trust is required, Sara works from an intuitive and holistic perspective and some of the areas covered within the sessions may seem to you to be “unrelated” to your particular issue or growth path.

As part of any learning process, it involves, seeing hearing and doing and at the end of each session you will be emailed targeted homework.   The homework is easy to incorporate into your schedule and daily living and is essential to the re-framing and re-programming process to long lasting change.

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Aristotle, BC 384-322, Greek Philosopher


Using our three step process to permanent change E.P.R.© (Evaluate, Process, Remediate) and our unique R.A.W © and F.L.O.W©  processes we facilitate a personal transformation that will allow you to change how you perceive life, increase your belief system and thus enable you to live the life of your dreams.

General areas that will benefit from customised coaching and life transformation sessions are:-

  • Dealing with anxiety, fears and phobias and assisting in stress reduction
  • Dealing with self-esteem issues and raising confidence levels
  • Removing blockages/self-sabotage – assist you in changing and re-framing old throught patterns so that you can experience different and more beneficial results and outcomes in your life.
  • Trusting your intuition in everyday life
  • Increasing your energy through passion and purpose
  • Setting goals – Outcomes in career and personal life
  • Learning how to balance your life
  • Learning how to take 100% responsibility for your life
  • Healthy Relationships – Loving Yourself, Loving Others and allowing yourself to be loved.
  • Discover who you really are and what it is you really want.
  • Uncovering your Vision and Mission and assisting you in living a Purpose filled and Fulfilling Life.