I realised what I was doing in the past wasn’t working, I needed to try something different.

Sara has made me change the way I think and I’m now changing the way I behave.

Sara has a warm, caring and energetic character. She listens, sees the potential and maximises it in her professional, passionate and results driven approach.
When I put the work in that Sara sets its amazing how opportunities appear and goals are achieved.

I want to live life to my maximum potential – no wasted moments.
With Sara’s guidance, this is really happening and I am truly grateful for time and effort she has given me.

- J Hughes, Perth WA


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Simply put, NLP is a set of tools and techniques to assist you in dealing with and eliminating unwanted, non-beneficial patterns of thought and behaviour and through the process of developing new channels of thought (new neuro pathways) with more beneficial suggestions and options that in turn can become evidenced in a change of thought, feeling, action and consequently results.

Applied strategically by a master practitioner and complimented with other methods such the equilibration of perceptions through techniques linked with quantum physics and concrete principles;


And.. putting the pieces of your Life Puzzle together and achieving lasting Change and Transformation Can Be As Easy As….






What we see, what we hear, what we perceive are all like pieces of a puzzle, each one of significance and that if noticed and embraced has the ability to illuminate and bring clarity and order within what appears as chaos and in turn change life as we know it. (Sara Dann (McDonald) 2013.



Millions of people all over the world are looking for inspiration and change in their lives. We only have to type into Google words like life coaching, motivation, transformation to see a plethora of options to engage in from seminars/workshops to coaching services to books and audio resources.

By doing so you have even ended up on my website!

In our plight to bring change to our lives, many of us will turn to “motivational” resources of all these kinds in an endeavour to bring about the changes we desire in our lives, only to be inspired for a few days, flying high, not a care in the world, believing the world is our oyster and anything is possible, only for something to happen in our lives that we perceive as “bad” and then BANG!! There goes our balloon! We end up feeling worse than we did before, because we tasted what it was like to feel inspired and positive and now we just don’t anymore, like we are literally back to square one. Thus the story and cycle continues…

Man is the only creature that laughs and weeps because he is the only creature that is struck with the difference between where he is and where he would like to be.

So why does this happen, why do we find it so hard to elicit permanent change in ourselves?

I believe the predominant reason is that we are looking for something on the outside that we can only really find on the inside! Simple as that….

It’s not to say that personal development resources, coaching/NLP, workshops/seminars etc are not helpful, they most definitely are! As a coach myself I definitely believe in what I do and see lasting change in the people I work with everyday, but the point of difference in achieving lasting change comes from inside!

The key question I ask my clients prior to engaging work is “are you willing to make changes at a deep level? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to change your life?”. The desire and will must be there and the commitment to keep “going inside” is the element that will bring the sustainability and long term benefits. The techniques and processes that I use are “tools” used to elicit and expedite lasting change.

My work is to teach people to be their own coach.

There is a lot of hype that goes on in the seminar/workshop and motivational resources realm and there are a lot of people that are literally “motivational junkies” but really lasting change is just about coming back to basics, coming back to R.A.W. getting rid of everything we have added to ourselves because we don’t believe we are enough.

Of course it’s a good thing to look at different methods though, “eat the chicken and spit out the bones”, take from it what we need and then focus inward to find our answers. Because the answers are all there inside of you – you just need to know where to look and what emotional and internal “muscles” to develop in order to carry through the change.

The processes that I use dig deep and are simple yet powerful and easily applied to different areas of your life. The process of uncovering things that have been hidden and perhaps you simply don’t want to see or acknowledge can be uncomfortable, however at the same time there is a sense of expanding relief which deepens the intrinsic (or internal) motivation and desire to change at that point. At the point of facing and owning yourself in the deepest darkest parts you come to the end of yourself and begin to see and perceive the “unlimited” – that is where true freedom lies and that is where I endeavour to take each one of my clients.