I had so many mental stumbling blockages and spent so much time in dark spaces that I thought I would give Sara Dann and NLP a go.What did I have to lose? Actually, I had a lot to lose – the chains and weights that were holding me down!

Sara is a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and highly gifted person who knows how to heal with humour, wit and light. I am not sure exactly what does happen during our sessions together but something certainly ‘shifts’ within me – and I mean this in the most positive way imaginable. I still have a way to go, but really, anything is possible and I can choose to push myself in any direction I wish and I am limited only by my own imagination. Thank You, Sara Dann!

- S Parks (Perth WA)


As people we share many common denominators, we all live in this world, we share the commonality of living in a body that feels and thinks and achieves. Our orientations and processes within life are varied and diverse but yet we share common links. Nothing you will go through is uncommon to mankind. The various things we experience are shared by others also.

Opes Insight offers a variety of targeted workshops which provides the opportunity to various “groups” of individuals that are perhaps going through similar things to have a forum for Educated Illumination, Inspiration, Transformation and Reconnection.

Valuing differences in others drives synergy. Synergy means “two heads are better than one” and that by combining our differences we derive “completion” and harmony. Just like in melodies you can pull different instruments with different sounds together simultaneously to create something that is much more pleasing than just the one instrument. Thus the power of the workshop environment.

If your organisation requires a workshop which has certain organisational objectives in mind, we can customise the content to compliment the “heart beat” of your organisational ethos using the Opes Transformation process as a platform for change.

Here are just a few of the ongoing workshop opportunities available. These are held regularly and on a “demand” basis requiring a minimum of number of 10 people within the workshop.

We are not limited to these formats and with time the sphere of influence and reach will expand through many diverse groups of people.


To find out more about this workshop click here.


To find out more about this workshop click here.


We are part of Life as a whole, yet a whole within ourselves. Like a multi-faceted diamond, birthed from the depths – brilliant, resilient yet not without imperfection. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and it is the all encompassing imperfection within the perfection and the perfection within the imperfection that makes Life precious. (Sara Dann (McDonald) 2013).